Lakeshore Hospital ER is over capacity and CIUSS Ouest de l’Ile is asking people not go to the ER at LGH. If you have group insurance through your employer, chances are that included in your coverage is the benefit of virtual health care.

Virtual health care is available 24/7 and appointments are given within a few short hours.

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From the comfort of your home, available via mobile and tablet apps and a website you can have access to nurses and doctors for many nonemergent health related subjects such as, skin issues, allergies, minor aches and pains, urinary infections, stress, mental health, and eye infections.

It is an amazing end-to-end patient experience for members and their families through a simple, easy-to-use application – text, phone, and video. Users have fast access to a multidisciplinary medical team. Healthcare providers can write up prescriptions and referrals for tests and 360-degree medical follow-up to ensure recovery, right from the comfort and safety of your home.

Some options for virtual health care through group plans are as follows: Sunlife offers Lumino Health, Manulife offers Akira and Canada Life offers Dialogue.

Why go to the ER and spend hours to see a doctor for nonemergency health care? This is not just during COVID but always. Virtual health care represents the future of health care. If you do have group insurance, it’s something worth looking into!


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