Virgin Hotels Assumes Control of Off-Strip Casino in Vegas, Mohegan Retreats


In the city where every glitch provokes a seismic shift in business equations, an intriguing transition unfurls on the sunny horizon of Las Vegas off-Strip. Virgin Hotels Las Vegas and Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment publicly heralded their upcoming shift in operations, with Virgin poised to take up the reigns of the off-Strip casino’s operations at the end of the year.

This announcement is the culmination of a transitioning period that, once concluded, will see the Mohegan brand divest itself from the active management of the gaming establishment. The curtain falls on a mystery theater as neither timeline details of the impending transition nor financial details associated with the move have been revealed.

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“Amid our gratitude for a fruitful collaboration with Mohegan, we remain dedicated to promoting a perfectly coordinated switch in the casino operations,” professed Virgin Las Vegas President, Cliff Atkinson. He further illustrated the changeover as a “natural progression”, underlining their commitment to provide patrons with a flawlessly integrated resort experience.

The pulse of the gaming universe at Virgin Las Vegas has hitherto been regulated by Mohegan’s Momentum loyalty platform. However, post-transition, one can anticipate the introduction of a fresh rewards program, with inclusive tier matching to the erstwhile Momentum.

Virgin Las Vegas has had its own set of challenges since Mohegan stepped into the casino operations back in September 2019. The off-Strip location made it appear rather elusive to the typical Las Vegas tourist bunch, additionally, it didn’t find much purchase amongst the locals either. Another stick in the wheel was the strategic outsourcing wherein key verticals such as the casino, the theater, the hotel and the sportsbook were operated by different entities.

As Mohegan’s influence retreats from the forefront of Virgin Las Vegas, the landscape of Tribal-operated casinos in Sin City shrinks from three to two. Hard Rock International runs the Mirage on the Strip while roles of ownership and operation of off-Strip Palms rest with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians of California.

Cash-rich Tribal operators like Hard Rock and Mohegan, along with several California-based entities have the potential to upend the market equations in the event Las Vegas resorts are up for grabs, which could potentially swell Sin City’s Tribal gaming population.

In the symphony of changing equations, this announcement echoes rather dramatically, just months after Mohegan revealed their decision to end their management agreement at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ at the close of the year. With the expedient handover firmly in sight, neither the resort guests nor the team members are expected to navigate significant turbulences. Despite the ambiguous nature of the tribulations of the property, it remains to be seen if any of its struggles could be traced back to Mohegan’s doorstep.