Vigil Held For Repentigny Man Shot Dead By Police Officers


Days after one of Repentigny’s residents, a mentally ill man, was shot to death by police, the need for answers has become even louder as the community held a vigil last Wednesday.

Among those present at the vigil include Dolmine Laguerre, cousin to Jean-Rene Jr. Oliver’s, 37, who was shot dead last Sunday after his mother dialed 911. Following the incident, his mother stated that her son was in psychosis.

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Oliver’s family says the shooting incident occurred because of racial intolerance on the part of the officers.

Quebec’s Andres Fontencilla, the Solidaire MNA, also attended the vigil and noted that he was in attendance because they believe the family has the right question whether the 37-year-old would have been alive if he had been a white person.

Fontecilla also noted that their party will hold to account the Public Security Minister to account.