View Royal Mayor Acclaim the Reopening of Casinos in B.C. after a 15 Months Closure


British Columbia Lottery Commission (BCLC) has confirmed that Casinos in the province will restart in the third phase of the reopening program. Casinos in the province will now reopen on 26th May after a 15 months closure.

View Royal Mayor David Screech praised the announcement claiming how the closure of casinos had an impact on the municipality revenue streams. For instance, Element Casino on the Island of Vancouver contributed about $5 million to six local municipalities.

No specific details have been released regarding the reopening, more information will emerge after a consultation between BCLC, service providers, ministry staff, public health officials, and WORKSAFE BC.

Requirements expected for the reopening include two meters spacing between table games, slot machines, and other equipment. Physical barriers are to be erected in areas where distancing is impossible.

Gaming in the facility will also be limited to the number of seats available on the gaming floor. Only those games that can be dealt with the cards face-up will be allowed. Players are not to touch cards except for the Squeeze Baccarat game.

The casino staff is also expected to undergo thorough training regarding the health and safety protocol before reopening. Gaming facilities will continue to monitor standards conditions including, air quality, ensuring that ventilation systems are functional. Another safe way to enjoy casino games is by gambling online.


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