In April 2018, a $90 million project to build a new ER campus for the Lakeshore General Hospital was approved. With a $1.5 million initial disbursement, the plans for the new ER were born with the help of administration and staff.  This  current  installation  is  not  the  final  version  but  instead  gives  the  hospital  extra  room   to   be able  to  perform  duties  as  a COVID  designated  hospital.  Lakeshore General Hospital gets new ER

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The hospital, built in the 1960s, was originally designed to help 100,000 patients but we are long past that due date serving the ever growing population that includes patients from the Greater Montreal Area as far as Vaudreuil and Rigaud.

Today, the ER is open and serving patients. On August 5, the ER had few visitors. While the nurse on site said it was quiet, she expected to have the usual pre-COVID flow of locals needing help.

The new ER will be a game changer for West Island residents.  Take a tour with us….