Victoria’s Labor Leader Face-Off: Allan Vs D’Ambrosio As Andrews Steps Down


The forthcoming leader of the Victorian Labor Party will be decided in an imminent caucus vote next Wednesday. This follows the surprising announcement of long-standing premier Daniel Andrews stepping down after nine monumental years of governance.

The prevalent expectation is for Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan to succeed Mr. Andrews. Nevertheless, the departing premier stated unequivocally on Tuesday that the imminent leadership would be “determined by the caucus,” a statement made in light of his planned resignation at 5 pm on Wednesday.

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The unexpected declaration by Mr. Andrews at an impromptu press conference sent ripples across Australia. Emphasizing that his time had come, he reminisced: “Being a premier for nine years and the party leader for 13 years furnished me with opportunities far surpassing my initial expectations.”

Pointing out the inescapable challenges tied to the state premier office, he stated candidly, “It’s not a simple task to shoulder this state; it’s not a criticism, it’s the reality.”

Discussing his potential successors, Mr. Andrews refused to broach speculations, reiterating that the decision lies with the caucus. “I am deeply reverential of that process,” he expressed. “My involvement in that will terminate by Wednesday evening. I will not have a vote, besides my role as a local member.”

The electorate congregation for the leadership vote is slated for noon on Wednesday. A mere five hours later, Mr. Andrews’ reign will formally cease.

Ms. Allan, who assumed the office as deputy premier last June, is a plausible leadership candidate. Nonetheless, Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio is another potential contender, questions remain regarding whether she would embrace the deputy position if Ms. Allan succeeds the outgoing boss.

Notably, Ms. D’Ambrosio faced scrutiny over allegations of branch stacking and dubious affiliations with a Labor branch suspected of forging deceased individuals’ signatures on party forms. Brushing off earlier speculations, Ms. Allan remained committed: “I’m strongly dedicated to my current role. I’ve got a fantastic job,” she voiced earlier in August.

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