Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Announces Surprise Resignation After Nine Years in Office


Daniel Andrews has made the startling announcement that he will resign from his role as Premier of Victoria, a decision, he said, that was formulated ‘in the last few days.’ Known for his relentless work ethic and dedication to the greater good, Andrews shared that he has realized it’s time to pass the baton. After serving nine long years in the prominent position, he will lay down his duties at 5pm on Wednesday.

In a sudden press conference on Tuesday, Andrews, the Victorian Labor leader, shared his decision. The job of a state premier, he said, was not for the faint-hearted, not an accusation but merely a fact. He considered himself fortunate to have served in this capacity, leading his party for 13 years and acting as premier for nine.

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Andrews, hailing from a humble country background, carried a simple goal in his heart – diligence and the betterment of society. However, he candidly shared that his decision to step away was motivated by his growing discomfort with the inflexible demands of the position. He explained that the day you start resenting this privilege and major responsibility is the day you need to step back.

Apart from his charismatic leadership, Andrews is credited with great strides in developing housing statements with the vision of accommodating Victoria’s population, projected to touch 10.3 million by 2051. His ambitious housing plan aims to build 800,000 homes by 2034. He shared his contentment in leaving behind such a monumental framework that guaranteed every Victorian a place to call home.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese commended Mr. Andrews for his unwavering devotion to Victoria and for his tenacity during tough times, especially the pandemic. Despite the challenges, Mr. Andrews always stepped up, making difficult yet necessary choices. His commitment has made him a charismatic figure in Victoria, and Albanese is confident Andrews will continue to contribute invaluable experiences in fields to be determined in the future.

Andrews’s upcoming plans are intimately centered around his family and self-discovery outside the world of politics. From spending time with his family, honing his golfing skills, to finally reading books gathering dust in the corner, he intends to embrace the little pleasures that the fast-paced political life had him miss.

Andrews also extended heartfelt thanks to his family, whose unwavering support allowed him to be single-mindedly dedicated to his work. Though his decision to resign was recent, he felt it necessary to avoid growing into the inevitable resentment of the role he loved so dearly.

Andrews is set to formally resign to the Governor of Victoria, Margaret Gardner, on Tuesday. The new leader will be elected at midday on Wednesday and Andrews assured his support, with an optimistic faith in the growth and evolution of his party, especially inspired by the rise of women’s representation.

Serving as state leader since 2014, Mr. Andrews has seen the state through several tumultuous years, including the lockdowns and constraints amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, proving his resiliency and leadership.

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