Victorian Premier Dan Andrews Resigns Amidst Controversial Reign


After nearly a decade of his reign as Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews has stepped down from office, leaving behind a trail of contentious issues that have significantly marked his era.

Andrews’s long stint of almost nine years was met with considerable opposition regarding crucial policy issues, from Victoria’s strategy in combating the Covid pandemic to allegations of political factionalism, or ‘branch stacking’.

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In recent times, controversy surrounded Andrews when he was assailed by leaders from both the state and federal level due to his decision to cancel the scheduled 2026 regional Commonwealth Games.

Notable Points of Contention

In July, it was announced by the Victorian government that the upcoming Commonwealth Games —set to be held in Regional Victoria— would be cancelled. This move ignited backlash from the state’s Liberal Party, the Federal Government, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who chimed in soon after.

Statements by state opposition leader Andrew John Pesutto asserting that the federal government was privy to the cancellation prior to the May budget were vehemently disputed by the Prime Minister.

He stated, “This was a decision by the Victorian government… the previous Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast was overwhelmingly funded by the Queensland government.”

Under Andrew’s watch, the crippling cost was the primary reason cited for closing down the Games. This move, however, was met with resistance from multiple layers of the sports industry. The international body supervising the Games, Commonwealth Sport, divulged that they were only given a brief eight-hour notice before the shocking announcement of cancellation.

The Andrews’ administration’s strategy to the Covid pandemic was widely criticized for the harsh containment measures, despite leading to decreased infection rates. Andrews’ government held one of the longest lockdowns in the country earning Andrews the gloomy title – “Dictator Dan”

He was met with resistance regarding several decisions during the crisis, one of which was the decision during the early stages of the outbreak to lock down a public housing tower.

The Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s findings last year put Andrews in a bad light again when it declared that two former government ministers had violated parliamentary codes of conduct.

Victorian Labour Party Scandal and Injury

During the 2014 election, the Victorian Labor Party was found to have misused a sum of $388,000 in parliamentary funds to pay for political campaign staff. This misuse triggered a police investigation for over a year, although no legal actions were pursued in the end.

In another twist of fate, Andrews in March 2021, suffered an unfortunate accident, fracturing his spine after a fall on a staircase in Sorento, Victoria. He spent 111 days in recovery, only to be met with additional criticisms upon his return.

As the curtain falls on Andrew’s time in office, his tenure reminds us all of the critical truth underlying leadership – every major decision leaves an indelible mark. It nudges us to shift our attention elsewhere, suggesting it might be time to take a breather from politics and perhaps entertain different interests. What might these interests be, you ask?

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