Victims of Abuse at Indian Day Schools Receive Help in Claiming Settlement


In 2020, the Indigenous community that went to federal Indian Day Schools emerged triumphant in the lawsuit they had brought against the federal government. 

Sadly, the procedure for receiving the agreed-upon settlement has been riddled with challenges. Due to this, a program was created to enable the victims to file for what they’re owed. 

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On the said day, the victims were asked to head to Montreal Sheraton, so they could ask for their claims as well as narrate the encounters they’d had at the schools. 

These sessions will carry on through Saturday, with two more being scheduled to take place in Kahnawake on Monday and Tuesday. 

Krystal Summers explained that the entity’s primary goal was to establish a safe and protective setting for community members to be able to make their claims. 

She is part of the Federal Indian Day School Community Support Program, created specifically to assist with filing of their claims. 

The amount of settlement differs from one individual to another. But, generally, it ranges from $10,000 for individuals who went through verbal/physical abuse to $200,000, which will be given to victims of continued physical and sexual abuse. 

Giving her account of the experience she had at one of the institutions, Louise Mayo narrated how she used to be strapped then sent to the office. 

Mayo, who comes from Kahnawake, is among 200,000 other Indigenous kids who suffered abuse when they attended the federally-run schools.  

Kahnawake ranks second when it comes to the number of Canadian Indigenous communities that attended the day schools. The community has come up with its own program to support the victims.