Via Rail Restores Pre-Pandemic Operations, Enhanced Services to Launch in October


Escalating its service operations in Ontario, Via Rail is set to return its passenger railway to the pre-pandemic operational levels. This notable adjustment from the Crown corporation involves reinstating two circular routes from Toronto to Ottawa and a single round trip commencing from London to Toronto. All of these enhanced services are poised to be operational by the end of October.

This significant resumption comes almost four years after the global pandemic led to an abrupt pause in operations, compelling Via Rail to suspend its nationwide routes and lay off over 1,000 staff members temporarily. This critical juncture forced the public transport provider to readjust its traditional service routines.

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Addressing the issue, Chief Executive Officer Mario Peloquin affirmed that the quarters ahead will see Via Rail strive to strike a precarious equilibrium between catering to passengers’ travel requirements and judicious allocation of its finite resources.

Recent financial figures reveal that Via Rail’s operating losses amounted to $120 million before any potential government funding in the last quarter. Moreover, the organization hasn’t managed to post a full-year profit since the fiscal year of 2017.

Providing an expert viewpoint, Greg Gormick, the principal at On Track Consulting, asserted that the revitalized services announced will mimic Via’s schedule that was prevalent prior to the pandemic. He credits this revival to concerted efforts into crew training and procuring new trains from Siemens for efficient deliveries.