Vets among Volunteers Administering COVID-19 Vaccine in Quebec


Mass COVID-19 vaccination began on Monday in Quebec with the nurses, doctors, veterinarians, dietarians, physiotherapists, and other offering help in the process. Dr. Donald Benoit is one of the veterinarians who stepped in after the Quebec government requested help speed vaccination.

Vets are used in the COVID-19 vaccination in Canada, and U.S. Benoit was used to treating dogs and cats, among other exotic animals. But on Monday, for the first time, he had experience treating humans, which he described as pleasant.

Although vets have experienced with needles, others, such as dietitians and physiotherapists, have no experience giving a shot. But all the volunteering vaccine helpers in Quebec must train for hours before they join the mass vaccination in Quebec.

Benoit is administering the vaccine at Bob Birnie’s arena in Pointe-Claire; he noticed that how he administered the shot is quite different from how it is done to animals. In humans, unlike animals, he does not need to look for blood vessels since the shot is being done on the shoulder where there are no major blood vessels.

Benoit to all those, he gave the shot that he is a vet, but some people were surprised which others were just okay with it after the shot. Although Quebec uses vets to administer the vaccine, it is still unusual in other provinces, even with the COVID-19 crisis.

However, states in the U.S., including Connecticut, Colorado, and Nevada, have allowed vets to administer the vaccine. In Canada, only Manitoba and Quebec so far have requested the help of vets. In Ontario, the idea has been suggested, but Bill hasn’t been passed to allow them.


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