Veteran Journalist Tony Grace Moves from CTV Kitchener to CTV National News


Following a four-year stint in Kitchener and a rewarding 22-year tenure with CTV, seasoned journalist Tony Grace is transitioning to showcase his expertise at CTV National News. His final week at CTV Kitchener is marked by reflection and a seasoned eye towards a new vista of journalistic pursuit.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with CTV’s Leighanne Evans, Tony journeyed down memory lane, reminiscing his experiences in Waterloo Region. He noted a unique zest in narrating local news stories, having been in the industry for over a quarter of a century.

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Thriving in the familial ambiance of newsrooms and deeply rooted in local communities, Tony confided that sharing experiences with regular viewers met in daily life, like in grocery stores or gas stations, held a profoundly gratifying sentiment.

Despite his immense fondness for the Waterloo Region and the difficulty of parting ways with an exemplary local news team, Tony’s spirits are high with the anticipation of new challenges. “I feel ready,” he commented, his fervor and preparedness apparent.

Throughout his tenure at CTV Kitchener, Tony also intermittently served as a backup anchor on CTV News Channel starting from 2021. Here, he discovered a taste for the major responsibility of delivering breaking news to a national audience.

Tony expresses his excitement for this new chapter, while acknowledging the sting of leaving behind the bond he’s forged in Waterloo Region. “We’re part of each other’s lives,” Tony reminisced about his coworkers at CTV Kitchener, his voice tinged with affection, “This is a family.”

In a lighter moment, Leighanne’s ‘bucket list’ style questions revealed some interesting details about Tony’s dream interview, favourite food and places.

Heading onwards to national news, Tony anticipates the venture with excitement, ready to share critical, credible news with the entire country. “The opportunity to be part of a team that delivers that on a national level is going to be an incredible privilege,” he expressed.

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