Vertigo: Brisbane’s New Sky-High Dining Experience Draws Thrill-Seekers and Food Lovers Alike


In an exhilarating blend of thrill and culinary pleasure, Brisbane residents now enjoy the adrenaline-fueled experience of dining at Vertigo, a unique vertical restaurant. Situated atop Brisbane’s vibrant Powerhouse, this enticing encounter dares food connoisseurs to soar 17 meters above the city streets, attached to the side of a rugged industrial building.

As picturesque as this daredevil dining may be, those seeking to soak in the magnificent cityscape views while relishing a sumptuous meal have to navigate a few hurdles. Participants require a complete body harness and must pass a sobriety breath test to ascend to this rooftop fine dining haven. Though guests need to be sober for the elevator ride to the top, there is nothing stopping them from indulging in a fine wine or champagne once comfortably stationed at their sky-high table.

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Describing her exhilarating experience, Brisbane influencer, Ebony shared on TikTok, “Securing myself in the seat was perhaps the most unnerving moment. I hadn’t realized how elevated our dining table would be.” To prevent accidents, guests are provided a lanyard for their mobile phones, and even the cutlery needs to be secured.

Upon completing their meal, patrons have the choice to take the elevator back down or to leap from the building side, their harness safely decelerating their descent. Though the audacious dining experience has created quite a stir, it has also faced criticism for its hefty $500 couple’s price tag, with some calling it “ridiculous” and “outrageous”.

Despite the reservations, Lord Mayor Adrin Schrinner holds high hopes for this innovative dining concept. He believes it accentuates Brisbane’s key qualities of exceptional food, stunning city views, a flourishing cultural scene, and a slice of adventure. Schrinner is confident that Vertigo’s uniquely thrilling culinary experience will attract tourists from around the globe to witness the best of Brisbane.

Part of the Queensland government’s $15m Tourism Experience Development (TED) Fund initiative, Vertigo is the brainchild of Tourism Minister Sterling Hinchliffe. Developed as one of 50 novel and remodeled tourist attractions funded by TED, it promises to generate over 900 construction and tourism-related jobs besides attracting more visitors. The government is investing in Vertigo and similar innovative projects to nurture the visitor economy.