Versailles Tower’s Sophisticated Facelift Revolutionizes Las Vegas Cityscape


As the year progresses, the Las Vegas Strip, already adorned with a rainbow of lights and spectacle, welcomes yet another stunning addition. The Versailles Tower at Paris is pulsing into life, adding its own exhibit to the city’s dynamic canvas. Granted, the tower isn’t exactly a newcomer; its roots reach deep into the city’s history as one of the oldest towers from the former Bally’s, which underwent a sophisticated facelift to become the Horseshoe last year.

With a unique architectural blueprint still sporting the blue Bally’s stripes, the Versailles Tower hosts its own visual symphony on the canvas of the city’s skyline. This spectacle of a city view also accompanies an architectural first in Las Vegas history: the Versailles is the only tower to swap between two properties while both establishments were operational. We acknowledge that both properties tango under the corporate umbrella of Caesars Entertainment, but it is an architectural narrative that is novel nonetheless.

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Revolutionizing the city’s architectural landscape, the Versailles tower comes with an exciting feature. It will be the first property on the Las Vegas Strip to feature balconies since the Cosmopolitan in 2010. An estimated $100 million invested in refurbishing it is expected to recover itself in record time. The balcony views are so coveted that tourists are willing to shell out a premium to bask in its glory.

Caesars Entertainment has left no stone unturned in giving the Versailles Tower its classic, elegant facelift. Each of the 756 rooms and suites spread across the tower flaunts novel furniture, fixtures, and intricately-designed equipment. All the rooms are adorned with the vibrant colors of the French flag, exuding a genuine Parisian feel.

While part of the Versailles Tower has been open for several months, construction work is still on to put the finishing touches on the Bellagio-facing rooms. These rooms are equipped with new terraces for a stunning view of the fountains and the grand F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The 26-story Versailles Tower has a rich history of transformation. It opened its doors in 1982 as the south tower of the original MGM Grand before switching to Bally’s in 1986. The tower underwent another renaming to Jubilee Tower in 2013 before it adopted its current name as part of the Horseshoe in 2022.

The impending completion of the tower brings anticipation to the streets of Las Vegas. A pedestrian bridge on the second floor is being built to connect the Versailles Tower to the Paris mainland. At present, the only access to the tower is through a ground-level walkway leading into the Horseshoe. No official completion date for the tower has been shared, but the whispers on the Strip are betting on its grand opening in time for the second F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix from Nov. 21-23.

The Versailles Tower brings an air of classic French charm to the bustling Las Vegas cityscape. So, the next time you’re promenading along the strip, just tip your hat to the grand Versailles, standing tall as a reminder of the city’s colorful history and a symbol of its exciting future.