Venom Blockchain: Abu Dhabi’s Scalable Tech Solution Shakes Up Industry


Unfurling across the digital landscape is a phenomenon that has been birthed by the innovative minds in the heart of Abu Dhabi, a city known for its vast wealth leverage from the oil industry. The latest enterprise in the ever-evolving blockchain industry baptized as the Venom Blockchain, is reverberating shockwaves, establishing a comprehensive entrée into the domain.

From the standpoint of architecture, the Venom operates as the bedrock— or Layer 0— of the blockchain network. Incorporating characteristics such as dynamic sharding and a proof of stake (PoS) consensus strategy, it’s shaped to offer a scalable, efficient environment for diverse blockchain-enhanced products. Offering a seamless bridge for traditional web3 projects as well as governmental applications, it’s an embodiment of advanced tech solutions via its intricate mesh network.

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Propelling Venom into a league of its own is an infrastructure resilient enough to process a staggering 100,000 transactions every second. The astonishment continues, as the average fee for these transactions is a mere $0.0002, as stated on Venom’s official webpage.

This top-notch feature list is exerting quite the magnetic pull, as observed in various metrics. Sporting a towering market capitalization of over $5.2 billion with a trading volume crossing $200 million, it’s clear that the beacon of interest towards this technology from Abu Dhabi is steadily pulsating brighter.

Consequent to its launch, Venom stirred a resonating spectacle, drawing in over a million users from in and around the region in a mere 24-hour span, captivated by its promise for developing Web3 products. This resonance seems to have left a lasting echo, as the ground is already fertile with 20 projects ready to flourish on the platform. Additionally, an array of stablecoin initiatives in various countries are ready for lift-off, bearing testament to the trust developers have planted in its infrastructure.

The ascent of Venom Blockchain not just illuminates the capacity of Abu Dhabi to nurture innovation beyond its conventional sectors, but also shines a light on the emirate’s commitment to steering the advancement of blockchain technology.

On the date of March 27, the blockchain’s native token, VENOM, was introduced to the world on KuCoin, a development that sparked a dramatic price upsurge of an impressive 27% within 24 hours. The token now stands at a sturdy $0.6580, reflecting a fresh increase of 3.8% in the preceding trading hour.

Enriching the story of VENOM’s meteoric rise, the trading volume of the token has skyrocketed to $62,515,705 in the last 24 hours alone, a substantial increase of 193.60% as provided by CoinGecko data.

In the evolving digital diaspora, the emergence of the Venom Blockchain weaves a fascinating tale of how the Middle East’s oil bastion is avamping itself via embracing cutting-edge blockchain technology. The horizon holds promise, and the world watches in anticipation.