Venetian Resort Launches Opulent New Rewards Program


In the heart of the vibrant Las Vegas Strip, the esteemed Venetian Resort is poised to elevate its guest experience with the unveiling of Venetian Rewards. This highly anticipated loyalty program is scheduled to unveil its array of benefits in March, promising a significant enhancement over the outgoing Grazie Rewards.

With a tiered system comprising Jade, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond levels, Venetian Rewards is on track to redefine luxury incentives. The operator heralds this initiative as the “most rewarding program on The Strip,” set to lavish patrons with an opulent array of perks. Guests can expect suite upgrades, complimentary stays, and a bevy of reward points accrued through various avenues — gaming, dining, entertainment, and spa indulgences — each designed to add a lustrous sheen to the Las Vegas experience.

Since the acquisition by Apollo Global Management from Las Vegas Sands in early 2021, the operator has been actively enhancing the allure of the Venice-inspired establishment. This rebranding initiative extends beyond mere aesthetics and into the realm of reward-based customer engagement. The distinctions of Venetian Rewards are clear; points can be earned not only through gaming but across a spectrum of resort activities — a notable departure from competitor programs focused strictly on gaming expenditure.

For the gambling enthusiast, the Venetian extends generous points allocations: $4 at slot machines and $10 at video poker equates to one point, while the tables offer two points determined by the average bet and session duration. Turning points into pleasures, each 100-point milestone is redeemable for a dollar’s worth of dining, entertainment, in-room luxury, retail therapy, or spa relaxation. Gamers are equally rewarded, with free play available for both slots and video poker.

The program’s allure does not rest solely on basic rewards. Progressing from Jade to Sapphire demands 3,000 points, with Ruby and Diamond tiers at 20,000 and 50,000 points, respectively. The upper echelons of the program entice with lavish annual credits for dining, spa services, and airfare, ensuring the most loyal customers are enveloped in extraordinary comforts.

Amidst an environment where casino enthusiasts decry the escalating difficulty of ascending loyalty tiers, and the perceived diminishing of benefits, Venetian Rewards stands as a beacon of luxury and customer appreciation. It is poised to potentially entice patrons from competing loyalty offerings, affirming The Venetian’s prominence as a bastion of guest gratification.

While the Venetian’s new program sets the stage for a renewed sense of patron loyalty and upscale rewards, those unable to visit Sin City need not miss out on the thrill of gaming. It’s worth noting that as excitement builds in the tangible atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip, the digital realm offers its own enticements. The virtual casino scene in Canada, for example, has been garnering attention, with online platforms providing an expansive suite of gaming options for enthusiasts. If you’re looking to bring the casino experience home or if you’re simply curating your next gaming adventure, we invite you to explore the top online casinos for this month, curated by us at West Island Blog. Here, you’ll discover a world of gaming excellence at your fingertips, where the rush of Vegas can be a mere click away.


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