Venetian Guest Stung by Scorpion in Underwear


In a bizarre holiday misfortune at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas, a guest’s Christmas turned painfully memorable when he encountered an unwelcome bedfellow. On the morning after Christmas Day, Michael Farchi, visiting from Agoura Hills, California, was awoken by a searing pain in his private areas. “I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area,” recounted Farchi in an interview. The source of his torment was none other than a scorpion, which had somehow found its way into his suite and, more alarmingly, his underwear.

The discovery, as one might imagine, plunged the room into disbelief. “Everybody was in shock; nobody believed,” Farchi stated, grappling with the very real and venomous hitchhiker on his garments. The holiday guest endured a hospital visit where doctors confirmed the culprit—a scorpion sting in a most delicate and unusual location.

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Following the incident, Farchi reported the ordeal to the management of The Venetian, which promptly waived his room charges upon check-out. Even so, Farchi, with counsel from a lawyer, felt that this gesture hardly compensated for the suffering he endured. For its part, a Venetian representative assured that all proper procedures had been observed in response to the sting.

Despite the inclination to find humor in the incident’s peculiarities, it’s important to recognize the gravity of scorpion envenomations. Not all such encounters end with just a story to tell; in 2021, a young girl tragically succumbed to a scorpion sting in Morocco, a stark reminder of the potential dangers these creatures pose.

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