Veltman’s Mental State Scrutinized in Ontario Multiple Murder Trial


During the ongoing murder trial in Windsor, Ontario, the defence for Nathaniel Veltman perpetuated the argument of Veltman’s compromised mental state at the time of the incident. The jury spent hours reviewing Veltman’s recorded interview with London Police Service Detective Micah Bourdeau, which took place after his arrest on 6th June 2021.

This arrest was in connection with the deaths of a London Muslim family, allegedly victims of Veltman. Defence lawyer Christopher Hicks scrutinised the discussions about Veltman’s mental disposition as he interrogated the arresting officer, Bourdeau.

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Bourdeau stated in court, “I didn’t have any concerns. He (Veltman) did confess to feeling a little shaky due to shock, but I did not detect any notable abnormalities pertaining to his mental state when we were talking.”

During the interview, Veltman made admissions of struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, he exhibited instances of rambling during the conversation. On this particular point, Bourdeau added, “Given the circumstances, his behaviour wasn’t entirely unusual. I allowed him to express himself without interruption.”

The crime in question took place on the night of 6th June 2021, on Hyde Park Road. The Afzaal family, while out for a walk, were mowed down by a black pick-up truck. The gruesome incident resulted in the tragic demise of four family members – Madiha, Salman, Yumnah, and Talat. The only survivor, a nine-year-old boy, is now under the care of relatives.

Veltman was apprehended within minutes of the crash in a shopping mall parking lot. He stands accused of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, all of which he pleads not guilty to.

Veltman’s defence made note of his admission to consuming magic mushrooms the day before the incident and asked if this revelation was startling to Bourdeau. The officer, however, denied any undue alarm, stating, “His responses about his mental state on the day of the incident did not raise any red flags for me.”

The trial continues, with the prosecution yet to present its case fully.