Veltman Trial Reveals New Details about Fatal Afzaal Family Incident


The courtroom resonated with a somber tune as the trial proceedings of 22-year-old Nathaniel Veltman progressed unrelentingly in Windsor. The gruesome incident of June 6, 2021 was the pivotal point of discussions – an incident that claimed four lives and left a fifth critically injured.

Veltman sat in the defendant’s chair, acknowledging his actions on that fateful day. He confessed that it was indeed him behind the wheel of the Dodge Ram pickup truck that bore down on the Afzaal family. They were mere moments away from crossing the intersection of Hyde Park Road and South Carriage Road when their lives were abruptly, tragically halted.

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Talat Afzaal, alongside her son Salman, his wife Madiha, and their daughter Yumnah, were brutally torn from the fabric of life, leaving behind their nine-year-old son, severely wounded but a survivor nonetheless. Veltman had yet to plead guilty to the four charges of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, all alleged to be terrorism-oriented.

The day grew graver as two forensic identification officers from the London Police Service took the stand on Monday. Det. Const. Specialist Richard Veerman had been assigned to photograph both Veltman’s truck, and his downtown apartment.

Veerman guided the jury through a slideshow of the images he captured, creating a vivid picture of Veltman’s living conditions. His apartment might have appeared orderly at a first glance, but a closer inspection revealed disarray – clothes strewn about, drawers left agape and personal items exposed. Noteworthy, Veerman pointed out the presence of a laptop, a phone on a charger, two USB drives and a router.

The scene shifted when he unveiled photographs of the pickup truck, ensconced in the secured section of a local towing service. A pink and green fabric was found wedged into the hood, a chilling testament to the tragedy that unfolded.

Det. Const. Chris Thomas followed suit, recounting how he took pictures both at the site of the collision as well as the shopping mall parking lot where Veltman surrendered. Vivid images defined the truck’s path as it veered off the road and ran along the sidewalk, coming to a halt only after crashing onto the grass.

Federal prosecutor Sarah Shaikh furnished two agreed statements of facts to captivate the jury’s attention further, highlighting the grim reality of the incident. DNA evidence firmly placed certain members of the Afzaal family at the scene – Talat and Salman on the hood of the truck, Madiha on the push bar at the truck’s front.

The second agreed statement painted an even more ominous picture. The truck, it transpired, contained chilling signifiers of premeditated violence: an airsoft pistol, a curved serrated knife, a 12-inch machete concealed in a sheath. Personal items such as Veltman’s driver’s license and a financial institution card were also found in the aftermath.

The trial promises to continue unveiling chilling truths as it reconvenes on Tuesday in Windsor’s superior court.

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