Vehicle Launches 100 Feet into Woodland After Severe Crash near Prince Albert


A harrowing incident unfolded northeast of Prince Albert last Saturday evening as a vehicle, after facing a severe crash, was reportedly launched more than 100 feet into the woodland nearby. Volunteer firefighters from the RM of Buckland were the first to respond to the accident, initially summoned to address a reported vehicle fire, but realizing upon arrival that they had a much more serious situation on their hands.

The crash site rested at the 20-kilometre marker along Highway 55, roughly northeast of Prince Albert. Upon arrival, the firefighters came to learn that the situation had escalated into a full-blown accident rather than the initially reported vehicular fire.

Adding to the seriousness of the scene, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police informed the arriving firefighters that the vehicle had not merely crashed but was propelled a staggering 100 feet into the neighbouring thickets. Further details surrounding the exact circumstances of the crash remain unclear.

Authorities on the ground included Parkland Ambulance personnel who looked after a 32-year-old male victim, found sustained injuries at the disaster site. Following on-site treatment, he was transported to a nearby hospital where he was reported to be in “good and stable condition.”

The Buckland Fire and Rescue team, in an efficient and professional manner, secured the accident site, disconnected the vehicle battery to prevent any fire hazard and awaited the arrival of a towing company. A skid steer was later used to move the wrecked vehicle from its secluded and deeply inset woodland resting place.


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