Vegas Ventriloquist Defrauded of $1M by Former Employees


As acclaimed ventriloquist Terry Fator diligently worked his puppets on the Las Vegas Strip, two deceitful former employees danced their fingers into his wealth behind the scenes.

Vincent Souza, one of the alleged culprits, found himself in handcuffs last week, thanks to a diligently pursued warrant by the Las Vegas police. Upon further investigations, they claimed that Souza, alongside another former comrade in Fator’s entourage, pilfered nearly a million dollars from the celebrated ventriloquist.

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Gaining recognition from his triumphant debut in season 2 of NBC-TV’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ back in 2007, Fator held a residency at the Mirage from 2009 to 2020 before Pioneer Park on the New York-New York stage became his new professional home in 2021.

Previously acting as the treasurer for Fator’s company, Puppet Boy Entertainment, Souza is now in the dock for four counts of theft that supersede $3,500. Interestingly, rather than sitting behind bars, Souza freely walks the streets following his initial court appearance, escaping the necessity of posting bail.

The allegations go even deeper, accusing Souza of illicitly procuring funds through misused business credit cards and inflated salary increases – leaping from an annual income of $150K in 2015 to a staggering $200K by 2017.

Another ex-employee once responsible for supervising the payroll saw her earnings skyrocket from $65K to $140K within just a two-year span. Whether she, too, faces legal repercussions remains shrouded in mystery.

Fator’s initial disclosure of this foul play to the police was in October 2021, closely following his lawsuit against his accounting firm that was later resolved through arbitration.

What’s more, Fator had previously filed a comparable claim with the FBI, but for reasons yet to be discovered, no actions were taken against the case by federal agents or the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

According to police, Souza abruptly terminated the entire office staff of Fator’s company in 2020, under the premise of supposed financial insolvency. The very same year, Souza took it upon himself to finance vacations to Hawaii, Europe, and Disneyland using the company’s credit card – blatantly unauthorized.

Fast forward to 2022; police reports reveal Souza deposited a security payment on a residence located in Buena Vista, Florida utilizing fraudulently obtained Disney Vacation Points via the company’s credit card. His audacious expenditure didn’t end there though. He splurged on a Tesla vehicle and even season tickets to the Vegas Golden Knights that cost him “tens of thousands.”

Souza’s defense attorney, Jack Buchanan, unabashedly stated his confidence in his client’s probable innocence, outlining a counter-attack plan stretching over several years. The legal proceedings against Souza are set to continue with a preliminary hearing on Jan. 16.

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