Vegas Manhunt Ends in Casino Arrest for Wife’s Murder


In a gripping conclusion to a high-stakes manhunt, Las Vegas police apprehended a suspect in the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino on Tuesday, bringing an end to the search for the man wanted in connection with his wife’s fatal shooting.

Arthur Guty Jr., a 55-year-old man, found himself cornered by law enforcement amidst the clamor of slot machines and casino tables. In his possession—a staggering $100,000 in cash, which authorities believe implied intentions to flee the country. Guty’s arrest was related to the tragic death of Nicole Zambrano, a 26-year-old Venezuelan native and housekeeper at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, whose life was brutally cut short.

Zambrano’s absence from work for three consecutive days had raised alarms among her colleagues, who subsequently reached out to the police. When local authorities in Uniontown, Pa., where the couple resided, contacted Guty, his responses were riddled with discrepancies. He spun a web of deceit, placing his wife in contradictory locations—from Richmond, where he claimed she visited a friend, to Florida, and even at the Grand Canyon, spinning a tale of a dental appointment and a meetup that never occurred.

The investigation into Zambrano’s whereabouts led detectives to the gambling heart of Las Vegas, where cell phone pings betrayed Guty’s location. The ensuing surveillance operation at the casino lasted about 12 hours before Guty, unsuspecting and engrossed in his breakfast, was detained. Efforts are now underway by Pennsylvania authorities to extradite Guty from Nevada, where he faces charges of criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

The irony of fate cannot be overlooked as it is unraveled that Guty himself was once the intended victim of a murder plot. His first wife, Roxanne Guty, had been entangled in a murder-for-hire scheme against him three years prior, seeking to capitalize on her husband’s life insurance. Although she later pled guilty to reduced charges, this twisted past serves only to thicken the plot of an already convoluted tale. Despite the eerie echo of murder in Guty’s history, Fayette County District Attorney Mike Aubele has emphasized that the two cases appear to be unrelated.

While this tale of crime unfurls, leading us through a tapestry of lies, betrayal, and the cold reality of a murder investigation, it’s a stark reminder of the duplicity that can exist behind the veneer of daily life. As this story draws to a close, we’re reminded of the many forms of escapism sought by individuals, some through nefarious means and others through the thrill of chance and the turn of a card.

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