Vegas Hosts First NFL Super Bowl Amid Betting Boom


In an unprecedented move that underscores the evolution of American sports culture and its relationship with the betting industry, the National Football League (NFL) is poised to hold its marquee event, the Super Bowl, in Las Vegas for the first time in history. This prominent desert city, once a pariah among professional sports leagues for its gambling associations, has dramatically reversed its fortunes.

On February 11, 2024, the eyes of the sporting world will fall upon the sparkling jewel of the Nevada desert—Allegiant Stadium, the sophisticated home of the Las Vegas Raiders and the chosen venue for Super Bowl LVIII. This decision represents the high-water mark of a sea change that began in May 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal law restricting single-game sports betting primarily to Nevada. Since that pivotal ruling, over thirty states have legalized sports gambling, transforming Las Vegas into a sports capital of significance.

The flourishing relationship between the NFL and sports betting has flourished, with oddsmakers playing an instrumental role in fortifying fan enthusiasm, which, in turn, has pumped up broadcast and streaming ratings. As the excitement builds for the upcoming championship, playoff fixtures captivate the nation’s attention. The Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens face off in the AFC Championship, where bookmakers favor the Ravens by four points, with an over/under of 44.5 points. Concurrently, the NFC matchup sees the Detroit Lions challenge the San Francisco 49ers, who stand as favorites by a touchdown, sporting an over/under bet of 51.5 points.

Aware of the magnetic draw that Las Vegas’s casino and sports betting avenues have, the NFL has issued strict guidelines to ensure the game’s dignity and their players’ welfare remain intact. In a memo distributed to the team participants and the NFL Players Association, the league has delineated a clear set of rules: players from non-competing teams can indulge in casino gambling but must refrain from betting on sports. Conversely, athletes from the two teams vying for the Super Bowl title are prohibited from engaging in all forms of gambling. These directives extend to the entire team personnel involved in the championship event, reinforcing the NFL’s holistic gambling policy against betting on NFL games and other sporting events while engaged in professional duties.

As sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the Nevada Super Bowl, there is widespread speculation among oddsmakers that this event could smash previous betting records in the state. The highest stake thus far was during Super Bowl LVI in 2022, which saw nearly $180 million in bets. Interestingly, there seems to be a preference for a fresh faceoff in the finals, perhaps between the Ravens and either the Lions or the 49ers, given some revealed betting fatigue with the frequently seen Chiefs.

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