Vegas Gaming Giant Transforms Sears Store into Charitable Nashua Casino


In a brand new development that is certain to enliven the local landscape, ECL Entertainment, a premier Las Vegas-based gaming company, has rolled out intriguing details about its forthcoming project in Nashua, New Hampshire. The previously dormant Sears store space at the Pheasant Lane Mall will soon buzz with both life and luck as it is transformed into “The Nash Casino.”

This stunning metamorphosis of an ex-retail store into a state-of-the-art gambling hotspot is part of an ambitious effort by ECL, known for its successful Kentucky ventures including the Mint Casino at Kentucky Downs, in conjunction with the Toronto-based private equity firm, Clairvest.

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Boasting a sleek modern exterior and immersive gaming experience, “The Nash Casino” promises to bedazzle visitors with an array of over 1,000 historic horse race (HHR) machines and numerous table games. With a sprawling spread of 180,000 square feet across two stories, the casino will fill the void left by the Sears store, which had been vacant since 2020. The grand premiere of this entertainment establishment is planned for the upcoming winter, completing the transformation of retail to the roulette in just a year.

But beyond just offering a space for excitement and entertainment, “The Nash Casino” will also serve a philanthropic aim. Positioned as a charitable casino, it plans to channel 35% of its profits towards non-profits, with a promising annual budget of around $24 million, catering to the financial needs of over 100 non-profit organizations in the area.

Additionally, the Casino will spur local employment opportunities, with an estimated 500 and 600 positions opening up, bringing a welcome employment wave to Nashua.

However, not all local residents bask in the glow of these prospects. Some, like Mags Pattantyus, hold concerns about the potential shift in their beloved hometown’s atmosphere, with questions about how an injection of casino culture may affect the community. Skepticism also steers discussions about law enforcement in an unusual geographical predicament, with the casino’s parking area crossing state lines into Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.

Moreover, there’s a vocal sentiment among the locals worrying about the potential discord between the family-friendly mall environment and an adult-focused casino establishment. Yet, despite this unease, the Nashua Planning Board wholeheartedly endorsed the project with a 4-to-1 vote in its favor last year.

This unique endeavor brings with it the end of an era for two of Nashua’s beloved gaming spots- The Lucky Moose Casino & Tavern and The River Casino & Sports Bar. Following the launch of “The Nash Casino,” their licenses will be transferred to the new gaming giant in town.

With the Simon Property Group holding the reins of the Pheasant Lane Mall, the future of this innovative addition to their entertainment menu is pegged with high expectations by both the area’s residents and gambling enthusiasts alike. The dice have been cast and the cards are on the table; now it’s time to see what hand “The Nash Casino” will play.