Vegas Chefs Shine in James Beard Semifinals


In a celebration of culinary excellence, six chefs from Las Vegas have risen to the forefront, securing their places as semifinalists in the 2024 James Beard Foundation Awards. The announcement came on Wednesday, marking a significant moment for these local culinary artists in what is considered the pinnacle of national recognition in the food world.

Among the distinguished nominees, Chef Oscar Amador of Anima by EDO, set within the chic confines of The Gramercy Residences, will compete in the high-caliber Outstanding Chef category. Known for his masterful infusion of flavors, Amador exemplifies the pinnacle of gastronomic innovation and expertise.

In the category of Outstanding Pastry Chef or Baker, the dynamic duo of Kimmie and Josh McIntosh, founders of the avant-garde pop-up bakery MILKFISH Bakeshop, earned their nomination by capturing the essence of sweet creativity one exceptional pastry at a time.

The Southwest region displays its rich culinary tapestry with three of its chefs securing nominations for Best Chef. Steve Kestler’s Aroma Latin American Cocina in Henderson brings a zestful flair to traditional Latin cuisine, while DJ Flores champions regional ingredients at Milpa in Spring Valley. Completing the trio, Brian Howard continues to captivate diners at Sparrow + Wolf with his innovative commitment to the finest in culinary arts.

Finalists will emerge from the esteemed semifinalist pool on April 3, building anticipation until the grand reveal of winners at the awards ceremony, scheduled for June 10 in Chicago.

Steering attention to another savory storyline, Jon Favreau, the Hollywood luminary whose pen brought to life the iconic picture of Las Vegas in “Swingers,” has graced Sin City with the irresistible allure of the Chef Truck, right from the silver screen of his 2014 film, “Chef.” Favreau, joining forces with LA chef Roy Choi, his mentor and friend, has curated an immersive experience just steps away from the Park MGM casino floor. Here, fans can relish in the gastronomic delights once fictional, now made tangible—though the hands preparing them may differ, the essence remains true to the cinematic journey.

The culinary landscape of Las Vegas is ever-changing as the city says farewell to some longstanding establishments. The Mirage’s Stack, a once buzzing steakhouse, closed its doors for good, while Planet Hollywood’s Koi also succumbed to the often unforgiving nature of the restaurant industry. Not all endings are melancholic, however; Mitsuo Endo transforms closure into renewal, trading Sweets Raku for the lively Casa de Raku. The Chinatown locale now echoes the convivial spirit of Spain, with a menu brimming with tapas, wine, and a blend of cultures.

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