Vanna White Commits to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ despite Sajak Departure, Ready for Seacrest Era


In the evolving landscape of game-tv shows, Vanna White is holding firm to her long-standing position. The famous co-host of “Wheel of Fortune” has declared her intention to remain with the game show, even as Ryan Seacrest prepares to take over the hosting duties from Pat Sajak. White’s commitment to the show includes the initial two seasons that Seacrest will navigate as its new face.

This confirmation comes courtesy of Sony Pictures Television, that also announced that White has indeed solidified her involvement with the show through an extended contract. This commitment will see her remain an iconic part of the game show until the 2025-26 season at the very least.

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Earlier this year, the current 41st season was in the spotlight for an unrelated reason – Pat Sajak had announced it would be his final season as part of “Wheel of Fortune”. These developments were spurring speculations about White’s future with the show as her own contract was set to expire at the end of this season.

However, these recent announcements have put any such uncertainties to rest. The dynamic partnership of White and Sajak, having weathered the winds of time since 1982, will see a change but not an end. White has been an integral part since “Wheel” began its syndicated journey, and it seems her role is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

In a twist of timing, this news broke while incoming host Ryan Seacrest was taping a brand-new interview segment for “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”. On hearing about White’s decision, Seacrest expressed his joy and excitement about working with her. As he prepares to make his debut in the fall, this “great news” certainly adds a dash of comfort and familiarity to the task at hand. Seacrest stated that he “couldn’t wait” to embark on this new journey with White.