Vancouver Thrift Seeking Person That Donated Valuable Second World War Memorabilia


One of Vancouver’s thrift stores based in Downtown Eastside recently received a valuable donation that dates back to the second world war.
According to Jeremy Hunka, the spokesperson for Union Gospel Mission, the donation is quite amazing, adding that they often don’t get donations such as war memorabilia.

The donation features personal effects, a suitcase and some documents. The items date back to the mid-1940s. the thrift store also chanced upon the correspondence between individuals who had been deployed back then.

Part of the correspondence includes a cable communication that announced VE Day some 76 years ago. Hunka noted that it’s something they did not expect to find in the donation. He added that the collection is quite valuable, possibly for the sentimentalists, if not for monetary reasons.

However, they said that this may have been donated accidentally, so they want the community to be aware that they are in possession of the items. He said that they flagged the donation immediately it reached them.

They put it aside and decided to do some internet search to find out the originating family and if they would want the items back.

He added that the donation reached them around January, together with a number of other items that was brought them from a moving firm.

In the beginning, their volunteers thought them to be props, but later on realized that the items were authentic.

If they do not find the real owners, the UGM will donate them to Ottawa’s war Museum.


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