Vancouver Surgeon Who Asked Two Men During Car Incident To Crawl Back To Surrey Under Investigation


A surgeon and instructor in Vancouver who was capture in footage telling two men to go back to surrey during car incident is facing a lot of social media backlash, although it is not yet verified if he has disciplinary action.

The Surgeon, Dr. Jason Faulds, was caught on footage that went viral on TikTok speaking to a man while the other captured the video.

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In the footage, he is heard saying the issue that caused tension between wasn’t that big of a deal, and that they could crawl back to Surrey. He said these words while they were at a downtown street, late in the evening.

The footage’s caption says Jason Faulds is a practicing doctor at the Vancouver General Hospital. Local media wasn’t able to find either of the other two men involved in this tussle.

Police in Vancouver say they were alerted to a confrontation at Alberni Street at around 10 pm in the night, on the 18th of July, 2020, and investigated a case involving a driver with bad vision.

The court documents also show that Faulds faced driving with impaired vision charges and having a blood alcohol concentration above 0.8 for an incident that took place on the same date in Vancouver. However, the charges were not effected until the 24th of august, 2020. A Downtown Community Judge found him guilty of driving without being careful in April 2021.

Sources informed local media that health authorities and B.C’s only medical school had looked into the matter. They noted that would take appropriate measures against the doctor, although they did not explain what that would be.

Faulds also serves as a clinical professor at the British Columbia University, who, through video, rebuked his behavior, noted that privacy requirements prevented them from sharing the details.