Vancouver Police is Requesting for Information on an Incidence that Occurred on West End


A 24-year-old female victim was walking along Maxine Lane at around 9.40 p.m. unexpectedly; she was grabbed and tackled by a White man about 40 and in a dark mask. Police are now asking for anyone with information to hand it over.

On Saturday, February 13, the female victim was from shopping on Davie Street and was walking along the lane. The attack happened in a busy neighborhood, and the target was a woman from her own business. Sgt. Steve Addison commented on the incident and said it was a too provoking attack.

Vancouver Police Department said that the man grabbed the young woman from behind, and they then both fell on the ground. The woman started to scream. The Department says that the scream scared the man, and he ran toward Bute Street. The woman was, however, not physically hurt.

Police describe the man as white, about 5’11’’ feet tall and probably in his 40s. The man wore a waist-length black leather jacket, dark pants, and dark-colored face mask. The police said the description might help anyone who witnessed the incident to remember and probably provide information for the investigation to commence.

The victim was also described as white, 5’8’’ feet, slim, and with long brown hair. She also wore ugg boots, a black winter jacket with a hood, and black yoga pants. Anyone with information is requested to call the Vancouver police investigation team.


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