Vancouver Broadcasting Community Mourns Loss of Beloved Media Personality, Kuljeet Kaila


Upon Keri Adams’s arrival in Vancouver in 2001, she formed a connection with one of the first local media personalities she met, Kuljeet Kaila. Kaila’s outreach when Adams was new to the city was heartening, an instance of generosity Adams still recalls fondly two decades on. These two inimitable friends would later be colleagues at CTV Vancouver – Adams as the CTV Morning Live anchor and Kaila, a formidable weather and traffic presenter.

Adams cherishes the time they worked together, likening the experience to a comforting embrace. She describes Kaila as exceptionally benevolent – always considerate, filled with daily compliments and encouraging words on set.

Unfortunately, the Vancouver broadcasting community recently had to confront a devastating and unexpected loss as Kaila surrendered to a tenacious battle with cancer. The entire ecosystem feels her absence, acknowledging her as an integral part of both radio and television and an extraordinarily kind spirit.

Another CTV Morning Live personality, weather presenter Marke Driesschen, underlined Kaila’s magnanimity – always concerned about others and ready to lend a helping hand. Driesschen summed up her professional attitude as perfectly harmonious with everyone she worked alongside.

Coming from humble beginnings at CKWX in 1998, Kaila had an illustrious career with various TV and radio stations in Vancouver and Victoria, including CBC News. At CBC, Kaila was a weekend morning news reader and a part-time weather anchor which she managed even after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

On hearing about Kaila’s hospitalisation, Adams was quick to contact her friend, deeply touched by her optimism about conquering her illness. Kaila spoke excitedly about life after defeating cancer – brimming with plans and high spirits – enough to amaze anyone, even in the testing environment of a cancer clinic.

Driesschen also reminisced about a phone conversation with Kaila two months ago when they both agreed to celebrate their respective victories over health issues together. His lament over this unfulfilled plan underscores the suddenness and severity of this loss.

Kaila’s abrupt departure after courageously battling cancer has left all who knew her deeply distressed, not least her family who bemoaned the rapidity of her departure despite her continuing resilience and poise.

The news of Kaila’s demise hit Adams hard. She revealed how mistaken she’d been in assuming her friend was recovering, adding that the regret of not reaching out to Kaila in her last days will continue to haunt her.

In response to the loss, Johnny Michel, the senior managing director of CBC News British Columbia expressed that Kaila’s on screen and off-screen persona was remarkable and her passing will deeply impact both audiences and colleagues at CBC.

Echoing Michel’s sentiment, Adams acknowledged the irreplaceable loss. She stressed Kaila’s endearing memory will continue to pervade the Vancouver broadcasting community marking her absence as the missing piece from a familiar everyday puzzle. In a final tribute, Adams noted that perhaps the severity and weight of a loss are truly realized only when we confront an irrevocable void. Kaila will surely be missed.


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