Quality Discussions About the Future of Valois Village


The City of Pointe-Claire, is pleased with the attendance of nearly 70 people and the quality of the discussions at the public consultation held Tuesday evening regarding the preliminary version of the Special Planning Program (SPP) for Valois Village.

“This public consultation gave us constructive feedback to define an overall vision for the Village,” said Mayor Trudeau. “Exchanges focused on sound development options and making the best planning choices, in keeping with our ability to pay.”

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“Our residents’ commitment confirms our shared interest in making Valois Village both an attractive shopping destination and a distinctive, human-scale environment,” stated the mayor. “All input, ideas and opinions were heard and fully appreciated. Council members will consider and study them all with equal attention in order to articulate a new vision for this sector’s development.”

The SPP embodies all of the projects and ideas received since May 2016 in cooperation with the community. The preliminary version of the SPP was made public in January 2016 in order to elicit responses from Valois Village residents and merchants, whether or not they agree with the proposals put forward.

“The final version of the Valois SPP, to be adopted later, will include ideas to help us keep thinking together and make the right choices,” concluded the mayor. “Once again, the process will be based on cooperation with the community. The program we eventually adopt will encourage sustainable development of the Village, increase its economic vitality, and make it an even more enjoyable place to live.”