Usher Honored with Lifetime Achievement at BET Awards 2024; Music Divas Dominate Stage


In a highly studded event where the crests and troughs of music meet, globally acclaimed powerhouse Usher was honored with the lifetime achievement award at the 2024 BET Awards. The superstar, humbly mulling over the timing of it all, graciously accepted the tribute.

A gallery of celebrated artists paid homage to Usher’s illustrious career by performing his greatest hits, making it a night to remember. The performance marathon kicked off with Childish Gambino’s charismatic rendition of “U Don’t Have to Call,” followed by a soulful performance by Keke Palmer, luring the audience with “You Make Me Wanna…” Coco Jones added an intimate twist to the evening by serenading the award recipient with an interpretation of “There Goes My Baby” from the audience, spinning the moment into an enchanting serenade for Usher and his wife, Jenn Goicoechea.

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The ball kept rolling with an array of charismatic performances. Summer Walker hit the right notes with “Good Good,” with Tinashe following suit with “Nice & Slow.” Marsha Ambrosius gave a captivating performance of “Superstar,” whilst Chloe boosted the atmosphere with “Good Kisser.” Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monét’s exceptional rendition of “Bad Girl,” provided a nostalgic reflection of Usher and Beyoncé’s renowned dance routine from their original performance. Latto kept the energy alive, performing “Yeah!” The night shone a spotlight on the female artists, who undeniably dominated the entertainment scene.

After being introduced by famed duo Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, Usher took the stage to record his journey. The award was handed over to him by none other than music mogul L.A. Reid. In a heartfelt speech drenched in gratitude, he reflected on his glorious career spanning over three decades.

The music maestro acknowledged the trials and tribulations he faced along his musical paths. “Getting here has definitely not been easy, but it has been worth it,” he confessed, trailing the highs and lows of his long-standing career. Ushers’ speech, however, was censored, cutting it short to the audience at home.

In a moment of revealing honesty, he extended his forgiveness to those who criticized him negatively, stating, “It only motivated me to be who I am.”

Earlier on, the crowd witnessed Will Smith light up the stage encircled by the blaze of a fire, performing his latest single, “You Can Make It.” The rallying cry of the single pierced the event; the overall theme – resilience, echoed throughout the night.

A riveting twist in the saga came the following critical comment of wisdom, shared by the iconic actor and rapper. “There is wisdom in that fire. Dance in your darkest moments,” Smith shared, signifying the relentless spirit of comeback after the controversy at the Oscars two years prior.

While music festivities continued, the impending presidential elections managed to occupy significant conversation, echoing throughout the course of the show.

Megan Thee Stallion kickstarted the show’s grandeur with an energetic medley of her new singles after emerging from an egg, signifying her musical rebirth. Artist Tyla from Johannesburg received two accolades; best international act and the best new artist, dedicating her double-win to her homeland, Africa.

The show ended on a high note with a surprise performance from Wyclef Jean. Together with Lauryn Hill and her son YG Marley, they performed Fugees’ “Fu-Gee-La”, against the backdrop of a full-band, exciting the audience.

Despite the glamour and the flashlights, the ripples of controversy were felt when rapper Pras, a previous associate of Wyclef and Hill, was noticeably absent, having faced a conviction over political conspiracies recently.

The colorful array of events of the night intertwined triumphs, deep introspection, and the shadows of controversy, making the night a riveting tale of resilience and talent in the music industry.