US College and Pro Football Projected to Generate $20 Billion in the 2021 Football Season


The NFL and college football season is coming, and US bettors will be able to bet their favorite football fixtures. forecast that the sports gambling handle this year could generate $20 billion and creating about $1.5 billion in revenue for operators.

If that projection is realized, it would be almost triple the forecasted $7.5 billion for the 2020 football season. However, in 2020, the projection may be have been lower due to a pandemic that prevented colleges from playing full slate.

In the 2021 football season, the roster of live and legal sports betting states is poised to surge as the US sports betting market continue to bulge. Currently, 22 states and the Washington States have legal sports betting.

Though the $20 billion projection for football handle seems ambitious, it is not crazy when considering some things. First, football is the most wagered sport in the US, Plus NFL has increased one game from the usual 1 season games.

Second, states are joining live and legal betting and have a strong base of fans for Homes College and pro football teams. Michigan and Virginia are two prime examples. Other states, including Connecticut, Florida, Nebraska, Maryland, New York, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, may have sports betting running before the 2021 football campaign ends.


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