Us and them – From prejudice to racism


The unprecedented exhibit Nous et les autres – Des préjugés au racisme (Us and them – From prejudice to racism)
is still enth
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 all ages and backgrounds 
at the Armand-Frappier Museum, and lucky for you, it runs until June 22!

Launched in September, Us and them offers a scientific approach at the crossroads of biology, history and sociology, to understand  what racism is about, as well as how and why this phenomenon occurs in our societies, while presenting the state of knowledge on the subject notably in areas related to human genetics.

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The three-part exhibition opens with a series of definitions of terms like categorization, prioritization and essentialization explained through playful games and videos. (Essentialization is seeing one’s personality reduced to a single culturally or racially defined component, thus erecting invisible barriers between people. The second part, ‘Race and History’ focuses on the history of institutionalized unequal discourse and its results. The final segment tackles racism using scientific data (e.g. genetics).

Thanks to playful and interactive means that are adaptable to any age, the exhibition allows exploration of a theme little discussed in prevailing cultural diffusion centers, with all activities and scenarios validated by a scientific committee composed of experts and researchers from various fields such as sociology, neuroscience or history.

The Museum also employs specific educational measures such as manipulation activities so that visitors can deepen their scientific notions of the exhibition. Thanks to games, videos and touch screens, visitors discover that cognitive mechanisms leading to stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination are always the same: our geographical origin, skin colour, gender, orientation, age, physical appearance and many others.

Moderated activities are offered every Saturday for visitors to experience a real immersion into the universe of scientific research by carrying out a laboratory experiment. With beakers and semi-permeable membranes in hand, visitors demystify the functioning of the brain’s protective barrier and discover the effects of social stress on this precious organ.

You’ll need two hours to fully participate in the exhibition and activities.

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