Urgent care for seniors: relocating a loved one


Transitioning to a residence

Relocating a loved one is an emotional time and can be a difficult transition. Unfortunately, many seniors may have an unexpected deterioration of their physical or psychological health. In these cases, moving urgently and finding a residence is the appropriate solution to ensure they are cared for properly. Making this choice is often difficult and can be a sensitive matter for the person involved or for their loved ones (family and friends). Yet, moving a loved one into a residence to avoid a further decline in their condition is often a wise choice.

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Reasons for urgent relocation

There are three circumstances that often require the emergency relocation of a senior to a residence. The following situations could require you or your loved one to consider an urgent relocation:

– The home environment is no longer appropriate: unsuitable furniture in the home, increase in risks and loneliness.

– The physical or mental state of your loved one has changed significantly: an accident, hospitalization or a degenerative illness prevents them from continuing to live in their home.

The caregiver is no longer able to provide an appropriate level of care for their loved one without having significant impacts their personal life

Residence advisors are here to help

Quebec Residences

Résidences Québec Housing Advisors are available to assist you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day no matter which situation is applicable to you. They provide services free of charge and are able find the facility best adapted to the needs of your loved one, quickly.

For support and guidance in this period of transition, feel free to contact the housing advisors at