Urgent $70k Funding Call to Save Royal City Mission Services


A mere twelve months ago, Gregory Dorval’s existence was as bleak as a bone-chilling winter night, his soul wandering amidst the unforgiving streets of Guelph. Nine grueling months were spent amidst the nakedness of the dense forest, the vast wilderness as his dwelling. An unexpected beacon of hope for the underprivileged, Dorval serves today as a volunteer at the Royal City Mission – a charity organization that navigated him through the storm back to the shore.

The Royal City Mission, however, now teeters on the precipice of uncertainty. The critical services that uplifted Dorval from his darkest days are under threat. With an immediate need of $50,000 to $70,000 by mid-October, the organization risks cutting back its efforts.

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Earlier this year, as the demand spiralled, the Mission stretched its operating hours from eight to twelve hours daily, feeding approximately 250 famished souls per day. If the requisite funding slips through fingers, Executive Director Kevin Coghill regretfully acknowledges they might have to recede back to eight and drop one of their three stage-managed daily meals, mostly likely breakfast.

Such unfortunate turn of events could leave many without a sanctuary during the daylight. Despite the charity members’ ability to survive the elements, the situation remains far from ideal.

In the past year, the Royal City Mission has witnessed a whopping 31 per cent surge in service utilization. Currently, its team of dedicated staff and volunteers dish out approximately 1,700 meals a week, peaking its graph at an all-time high. The factors influencing this ascending demand are multifarious, ranging from the recent sale of the 90 Carden St. apartment building which had accommodated 52 units, to the increment in the unsheltered population resorting to their services.

Coghill underscores the urgency of raising funds before winter’s harsh arrival due to the heightened risks faced by the homeless population. In the meantime, volunteers like Dorval continue to bridle the overwhelming demand.

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