Urban Sketchers sketch the views at Stewart Hall


by Rhonda Massad

Venturing out to the West Island was worth it for 80 Urban Sketchers this past Sunday, July 5. The weather was bright and sunny.  Stewart Hall, for the first time,  hosted the network of artists from around the world who draw where they live and travel.

“The building itself is a stunning old mansion and the trees on the grounds of the park are worth a sketch on their own,” founder of the Montreal chapter of Urban Sketchers, Shari Blaukopf told the Suburban in an interview.

Accroding to Beaonsfield resident, Blaukopf, anyone can join the group no matter the ability.

The public was invited to sketch as well with the Stewart Hall Gallery providing paper and pencils for sketchers as well as refreshments throughout the day.  At 2 p.m. a vernissage of all the sketches was displayed in the art gallery for all to see.

“We reserved a wall just for the sketches from today,” Stewart Hall’s curator Amanda Johnston boasted, “if we necessary we will rotate them as there is a significant turn out today.”

Going on at the same time was a a vernissage of “A Sketch in Time” which included sketches and sketchbooks from Jane Hannah, Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf, three leading artists from Urban Sketchers.

The main event at Stewart Hall this summer is called Heavy as a Feather and is available for viewing until August 30.  The show features art laced with contradictions.  Heavy objects lose their function and gain a new delicacy using unconventional materials and vice versa.

If that was not enough for one stunning afternoon by the water, Pointe Claire debuted their first public piano for all to enjoy.  A performance was given by Roman Zavada to launch the arrival of the colourfully painted piano that will sit outside all summer for everyone to play.  It will be covered during rainy weather.

To learn more about Urban Sketchers of Montreal you can visit https://urbansketchersmontreal.wordpress.com


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