Unusual Twist in Lotto 6-49: Western Canada Player Scoops $66 million Prize


In the wake of Saturday night’s Lotto 6-49 Gold Ball draw on June 16th, a fortunate player is now basking in all the glory of a grand $66 million win. Yet, the newfound millionaire is not one of the countless hopefuls who purchased their tickets from Ontario — a surprising turn of events indeed.

The Lotto 6-49 Gold Ball, along with the Lotto Max, had spiraled into a thrilling climax as their combined jackpots hit the skies at a staggering $121 million as the weekend approached. The Lotto Max, trailing the Lotto 6-49 Gold Ball by $11 million, added buzzing anticipation and a riveting suspense to the draw.

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Tipping his cards as to the location from whence the winner surfaced, OLG spokesman, Tony Bitonti, revealed, “The winner’s ticket was purchased somewhere in the expanse of Western Canada,” Curiously, despite no jackpot win, Ontario was not left empty-handed from the night’s sweepstake as Bitonti declared, “there were still a handful of patrons in Ontario who walked away with rather hefty prizes from last night’s draw.”

Indeed, a place called Scarborough in Ontario had the privilege of hosting a smaller victory. A ticket purchased there cinched a share of the $5-million classic jackpot. Its counterpart surfaced in Quebec, with each ticket clinching a cool $2.5 million. Bitonti confirmed these winnings to the delight of the lucky winners.

Two more tickets, this time situated in the Prince Edward/Hastings region and found on OLG.ca, enticed the winners with a hefty second prize each totaling $103,636.30. A nod to fortune’s random favor, a ticket tucked away in the city of Sudbury chanced upon a winning Encore, earning its holder an astonishing $1 million.

As operations at the draw concluded, it was clear that the enchanting night had not only birthed a new tycoon but also etched joy and unexpected fortune into the lives of multiple participants — leaving them eagerly awaiting the next chance to try their luck.