Untouched Lotto Max Jackpot Soars to $82 Million for Friday’s Draw


Luck continued to evade Ontario’s hopeful lottery participants on Tuesday night, with the coveted Lotto Max jackpot remaining untouched. Hope springs eternal, however, with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation enthusing that Friday’s draw now boasts a staggering $82 million prize fund, consisting of an estimated $70 million jackpot and 12 bountiful maxmillion prizes.

The Tuesday, May 21 draw did not go wholly unrewarded, with the OLG confirming that three substantial winners hail from Ontario debuting an engaging twist in an otherwise suspenseful suspense.

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A gleaming second-prize Lotto Max ticket, worth a life-changing $248,038.60, found its fateful destination in Woodbridge. Pickering enjoyed its share of luck too, with a maxmillion winner pocketing a cool $1 million. Not to be left behind, Unionville saw a $1 million Encore winner, the OLG announced.

The OLG website divulged the winning sequence from the May 21 draw. Prominent amongst the eye-catching figures were the main draw numbers: 01, 04, 06, 07, 34, 40, and 46, with Bonus 02. The golden Encore number ran onto 6875703. Maxmillions fielded a diverse range of numbers, from single-digit 01s to significant 49s.

Luck seekers should mark September 10 on their calendars as a landmark day. The OLG advised that the cap for the Lotto Max jackpot will escalate from its current $70 million to an astronomical $80 million, injecting a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation into the bi-weekly game.

The popular lottery is played on Tuesdays and Fridays, adding a sprinkle of thrill to the pursuit of fortune in Toronto, where wealth can skyrocket with the casual toss of a draw.