Unsolved College Tragedy: Mother’s Unwavering Quest for Justice


With an unyielding insistence for answers, Felisha Bennett clings to a faith that ultimately, the truth behind the murder of her 18-year-old son will reveal itself. Joshua Bennett, who was enrolled as a student at Conestoga College, was tragically found lifeless on a Kitchener trail, located in the Paulander Drive region, on September 24, 2021.

Upon inspection, the Waterloo Regional Police disclosed that Joshua’s demise was due to multiple stab wounds. Yet, no individual has been apprehended in relation to the case. Two years after her son’s death, a desolate Felisha relays her heartfelt plea for justice to the public.

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The date does not mark an anniversary for Felisha—it can’t correlate with any semblance of celebration. Rather, it alerts an excruciating notion of what transpired in September 2021, what she dubs as the “worst day” of her existence. It invokes an unthinkable memory of a call every parent dreads—a grim, irreversible news of their child’s demise. It’s an echo of a loss too immeasurable for words, a void created by the absence of her dearly loved son.

Joshua’s description paints the heartbreaking picture of a promising life cut short—a vigorous athlete, a benevolent soul and a forward-looking student. One can almost hear it in Felisha’s voice as she reminisces about rediscovering the sound of Joshua’s voice from a clip, a discovery marked by an emotional struggle to find happiness with the memory of her lost child.

Undeterred by the passage of time, Felisha’s steadfast pursuit of justice thrives. As a mother who believes in the inevitability of truth, she resolves to persevere until answers about her son’s tragic fate come to light. She champions an ideal, urging the public to reject fear and allow the truth to break its silence.

Collaborating actively with Felisha’s pursuit, the Waterloo Regional Police asserts that crucial insights pertaining to Joshua’s murder still lay hidden within the community. Felisha firmly believes that someone must possess some insightful detail about the incident, urging the silent witnesses to disrupt the criminals’ illusion of escape. In his official statement, Police Chief Mark Crowell pleads for these silent witnesses to step forward, hoping for a sense of closure for the grieving family and the community at large.

As Felisha expresses gratitude towards the Waterloo Regional Police for their consistent engagement with the case, a message is clear: amidst distress, we must stand up and empower the truth.

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