University of Calgary Welcomes Record Number of First-Year Students Amid High Rental Rates


As the advent of a fresh academic cycle draws nearer, the University of Calgary invites nearly 2,000 students back into its fold, eagerly anticipating the unique atmosphere only the presence of campus-bound youth can bring. Shane Royal, the university’s senior director for ancillary services, is unmistakably thrilled about the prospect, especially given the larger than usual intake of around 1,250 first-year students.

Caught up in the tide of rising rental rates and a dwindling housing market, students are increasingly driven to seek more financially viable, on-campus accommodations. According to Royal, “Our housing solutions have seen a surge in demand owing to our affordability in comparison to the city’s current housing landscape affected by increasing rental rates.”

Fourth-year business student, Matthew Dietrich, recalls how intimidating the initial moving day experience could be for freshmen, especially for those venturing into unfamiliar grounds. Hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, he vividly remembers the anxiety-riddled first day, accentuated by not knowing anyone on campus. However, he found solace in the university residences, which presented a haven of peers of similar age, interests, and experiences.

The university campus is now home to more than 3,000 returning and new students. An energetic team of more than 300 staff members and student volunteers assist in the bustling move-in process, while a waitlist grows for those vying for a spot in residence.

Ethan Maclean, who left the familiar tranquillity of Vancouver Island for Calgary to ascend into the engineering program at UoC, recounts a smooth moving process. He gleefully anticipates the start of the school year, for not only the lower drinking age in Alberta but also the enriching academic experiences and friendships that university life promises. The idea of remaining confined to familiarity on the island was far less appealing to him than the prospect of meeting new people.

Sharing his son’s excitement, Fred Maclean beams with pride as he watches Ethan pursue his dreams with tenacity. He reminisced about his academic journey that began in kindergarten and has led him to this point of independence and strong-willed determination. As per Fred, his son’s decision to apply his exceptional mathematical acuity to an engineering degree at UoC is nothing short of amazing.

With a diverse mix of new and returning students, the University of Calgary pulses with vibrant potential. With an abundance of helping hands aiding the move-in process and increasing demands for residence space, the campus is set to facilitate another energetic and diverse academic year.


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