University of Calgary Mourns Loss of Bright Student in Tragic Accident


On Saturday, a solemn funeral prepared a last farewell to a 21-year-old student from the University of Calgary, who lost her life in a heartbreaking accident on September 14.

Fairooz Shafin Munmun had travelled from Bangladesh to pursue her education, moving into her third year of computer sciences at the university. Filled with aspirations and dreams, her untimely demise was a cause of deep sorrow for her loved ones and the larger community.

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Kois Chowdhury from the Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary articulately put the community’s sentiments into words: “She had numerous dreams, which, alas, met a tragic end.
Today, we come together to honour her memory.”

The Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre in the northeast held prayers for Munmun, reflecting the sadness rippling through multiple communities. Zubayer Siddiquee, the director of the centre, added, “This is a moment of profound grief for everyone – the Muslim community, the Bangladeshi community, the University of Calgary. It is truly unbearable.”

Munmun met her tragic end when a hatchback struck her near the university campus on 24 Avenue N.W. Police reports indicate that the 41-year-old driver of the car remained at the scene and that neither speed nor alcohol were influential factors in the incident. The authorities point to the position of the sun relative to the driver’s viewpoint as a possible contributor to the fatal accident.

Munmun’s memory will be kept alive by her surrogate family in Calgary and by her bereaved parents back in Bangladesh, where her body will be returned this week.

As Choi’s expressed, “We feel a profound sense of loss and grief here and can only imagine the pain and anguish her parents are undergoing. They wish to see their daughter’s face one last time before bidding her a final farewell.”

In their ongoing investigations, police are appealing to anyone possessing dash-cam footage of the accident or any eye-witnesses, to come forward and contact them. Anonymous tips may also be sent through Crime Stoppers.

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