Universities in Ontario are making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory


More universities in Ontario have decided to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. This new rule will make vaccinations mandatory for the students who will be on campus this fall. On Thursday, York University in Toronto, Queen’s University in Kingston, the University of Guelph, and Ontario Tech University in Oshawa have announced that they require proof of vaccination from students who are attending classes or present in their facilities.

Queen’s University principal and vice-chancellor Patrick Deane said that those returning to campus will need to be fully vaccinated or scheduled for a shot by September 7.

He added:

“We know from medical science that ensuring high vaccination rates is the most effective way to mitigate the fourth wave and to best safeguard our anticipated full return to campus.”

Mandatory vaccine policy will be applied at its Guelph and Ridgetown campuses and universities as well. University President Charlotte A.B. Yates believes that such a policy will better protect the students from the virus.

The University of Toronto also released a statement:

“All members of our community should become vaccinated as soon as possible. The public health evidence is clear: Vaccination provides the best protection from COVID-19.”

Some institutions plan to adopt a “COVID Safe Pass” system as well, even though Premier Doug Ford has been opposed to an Ontario vaccine certificate system.


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