Universal Studios Tram Crash Injures 15, Investigations Underway


On a balmy Saturday evening in Universal City, California, a tranquil journey through the world of entertainment was disrupted when a tour tram at Universal Studios Hollywood collided with a railing, resulting in minor injuries to more than a dozen people.

The unexpected incident occurred around 9 pm, transforming what should have been an enjoyable tour through the magic of Hollywood into a moment of distress. The tram was wrapping around a bend when the rear car struck a metal guardrail, causing it to lean sharply and eject several passengers.

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Universal City, a bustling tourist destination located just ten nautical miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, was swiftly attended by units from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. They were soon on the scene, tending to the passengers’ injuries and ensuring safety.

The Fire Department later indicated that 15 people had been whisked away to local hospitals, all suffering minor injuries, according to initial reports. However, the California Highway Patrol’s ensuing statement indicated that a few of the injuries were considered moderate – a salient note that highlighted the potential severity of the incident.

The investigation into what precisely caused the crash was quickly underway, led by the California Highway Patrol. They promptly dispelled any suggestion that alcohol or drugs were involved in the derailment, turning the focus of their inquiries toward other potential causes.

In an official pronouncement on Sunday afternoon, Universal Studios Hollywood acknowledged the incident, expressing gratitude that the injuries sustained were minor and assuring all concerned that public safety was at the very heart of their endeavor. They also informed the public that the tours had, indeed, resumed, albeit following a modified route while the investigation was ongoing.

The tram tour, known affectionately as the World-Famous Studio Tour, provides a fascinating peek behind the curtain of some of Universal’s best-known movies. The iconic “Jaws” and Jordan Peele’s much-anticipated “Nope” are just some of the many highlights on the journey that would be celebrating its 60th anniversary starting from the following Friday.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of safety, even in settings designed for joy and entertainment, as the investigation continues into the precise circumstances that led to the collision.