Uniswap v2 Protocol Expands to Six More Chains, Enhances User Experience


In an audacious expansion of its technological footprint, Uniswap, a titan in the realm of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the extension of its version two (v2) protocol to an additional sextet of blockchain networks. This strategic deployment encompasses an array of chains known for their robust capabilities: Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Base, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche.

Uniswap Labs, the architect behind the protocol, hinted at the objective of this rollout via a recent update. The enlargement of the v2 protocol’s domain is propelled by a commitment to enrich the user experience for Liquidity Providers (LPs). The approach taken by v2 is fundamentally straightforward when juxtaposed with its successor, v3, which comes equipped with enhanced functionality aimed at those who actively manage their liquidity.

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Under the umbrella of v2, liquidity pools absorb the entirety of the price range, effectively doing away with the necessity of preemptive decision-making and diminishing LPs’ need for constant vigilance. This decision to streamline comes with the promise of opening doors to a wider audience whose participation might have been stifled by the complexities of more advanced versions.

It’s not just the ease of use that defines the appeal of v2—the economic implications are equally a draw. Creating liquidity pools within the realm of v2 is touted as being more gas-efficient than its later iterations, which spells out into tangible gas cost savings when liquidity is added. These efficiencies, as advised by Uniswap Labs, translate to markedly affordable swap experiences for the users.

Moreover, the infliction of v2 upon Layer 2 solutions carries the potential to significantly mitigate the notorious problems of frontrunning and other malfeasants of Miner Extractable Value (MEV), fostering a safer and more equitable trading milieu.

Through the Uniswap interface, users are now presented with a streamlined pathway to engage with the officially backed v2 deployments, nestling within a secure and reliable swapping environment.

Curiously enough, despite the potential user magnetism of such developments, the native token of the exchange, UNI, has been ensnared in a price decline that mirrors the broader crypto market. As of the recent price tabulation, UNI trades at $7.22, marking a 4.4% slump within the preceding day and a slight decrement within the last hour of 1.1%. It’s imperative, however, to observe that UNI’s trajectory over recent weeks has been more optimistic with notable upswings over both the preceding fortnight and month.

Even as Uniswap’s token wobbles under immediate sell-off pressures, the enduring metrics of the exchange are nothing short of robust. Token Terminal data affirms this, delineating a significant upthrust in Uniswap’s fully diluted market valuation of $7.56 billion—a percentage swathe of 18.4% over the previous month. Whereas the market cap figures pertaining to circulating tokens boast a formidable 19.9% augmentation.

Despite a bullish market cap, UNI’s trading volume has rallied down, plunging by a stark 69.3% in a monthly glimpse. Concurrently, the Total Value Locked, the echelon of assets secured in Uniswap’s contracts, has amplified by 14.4%—an ascension to $4.76 billion, showcasing continuous investment and confidence in the protocol’s infrastructure.