Undiscovered Canadian Millionaire Emerges from Thrilling Lotto Max Draw


Amid the mundane everyday events, a thrilling surprise awaits an unsuspecting lottery player in Canada, who is yet to discover that they are now a millionaire.

The spellbinding Lotto Max draw, which unfurled on the Tuesday of the sixteenth of April, flaunted a jaw-dropping jackpot of 70 million dollars. To put the colossal sum into perspective, it equates to the value of approximately 100 average homes across the nation in 2024, with an average value of $698,530.

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The universe conspired, and numbers 15,19,22,28,34,36,46 decided the destiny of the day, with 25 as the special bonus. But as the proverbial dust settled, it became clear that no one had matched these seven fortunate digits in the kind of cosmic alignment that would have had them walking away with the grand prize.

However, luck did dance with two people, who came tantalizingly close to hitting the jackpot. These fortunate entities matched six of the winning numbers and correctly guessed the bonus number. This not-just-a-gamble, formed the recipe for a commendable second prize, splitting a handsome $144,943.00 between them. PlayNow reports these winning tickets originated from Western Canada and Ontario, places now boasting their newly minted lottery stars.

During this suspenseful draw, there were ten ‘Maxmillions’ prizes shrouded in the winds of possibility. But only one individual emerged victorious, matching one of the coveted winning numbers. This lucky soul residing in Quebec can now look forward to the sheer joy of collecting a cheque of 1 million dollars, a significant reward for propitious guessing with the numbers 13,16,36,37,39,41, and 46.

Unfortunately, the ‘Lotto Max Extra’ numbers 54, 68, 79, and 82 failed to generate any winners for the $500,000 prize. Similarly, the elusive Encore number 4183680, remained unmatched, leaving the million-dollar prize untouched.

But as the wheel of fortune spins, there is a shimmering new opportunity ahead – the next draw for the $70 million jackpot scheduled for Friday, April 19, accompanied by an anticipated 13 Maxmillions prizes. The anticipation is a well-known emotion for the lottery enthusiasts who would recall that the last time someone savored victory to this extent was on February 20 when a lucky individual from Kawartha Lakes, Ontario clutched the $70 million win. What a grand, glittering day that was! So to the hopeful players out there, dust off your lucky charms, the next Lotto Max draw is coming.