Unclaimed Fortune Swells Mega Millions Jackpot to a Whopping $489 Million


The fervor and anticipation surrounding Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing has escalated on an impressive scale, as the jackpot has burgeoned to a staggering estimate of $489 million. This increase is said to be the result of an unclaimed fortune after Friday’s drawing.

The vital numbers deciding the fate of many hopefuls were revealed just past the witching hour of 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday and have since sparked a flurry of excitement. Those fortunate enough to have their stars align by snagging this formidable $489 million Mega Millions jackpot, will find themselves immersed in a sea of wealth, walking away with an approximate cash value of $226.1 million. This wealthy windfall is due post-tax and on taking a lump-sum payout.

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The heartening precedent was set when March of this year saw a New Jersey player’s wildest dreams come true. They became the recipient of the first Mega Millions jackpot of the year, amassing a jaw-dropping amount of $1.13 billion.

The winning numbers from Tuesday’s (May 28) Mega Millions drawing were 12, 18, 62, 48, 57, with the Megaball inning being 4, and a Megaplier of 5X. In the context of inspiring tales, a previous $1.3 billion Powerball victor — a cancer survivor — thanked divine intervention profusely for his victory, stating he’d “prayed to God” for the win.

In order to partake in the Mega Millions, it’s essential to understand the game’s dynamics. One must visit a local grocery store, convenience store, or gas station to purchase a ticket. Several states extend the comfort of online ticket purchasing for those who prefer to keep their distance.

To officially enter the race for the jackpot, participants must choose six numbers. The first five constitute white balls with a range of 1 to 70, while the gold Mega Ball encompasses numbers from 1 to 25. For those who think the odds may be stacked against them, they can opt for a “Quick Pick” or “Easy Pick,” where the computer randomly selects your numbers.

By adding on a “Megaplier” for an additional dollar, players have the opportunity to multiply non-grand prize winnings by up to five times. This element of the game involves 15 Megaplier balls, comprising two balls valued at 2X, five balls at 3X, three balls at 4X, and one ball at 5X.

Tickets are consistently available across the country at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and even some airport terminals. Additionally, an online provision from Jackpocket, the NUSA Today Network’s official digital lottery courier, allows residents in numerous U.S. states and territories—including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia—to order tickets from the comfort of home. With this app, the whole process of selecting games and numbers, placing orders, viewing tickets, and collecting winnings can all be conveniently carried out using your phone or home computer.

For every Mega Millions drawing, the thrill doesn’t solely hinge on the anticipation of who could possibly win, but equally on the release of the winning numbers. Rest assured, the winners of the Mega Millions jackpot will be announced as soon as the information becomes available. For those interested in the thrilling journey of past winners, they can explore the legacy of the Mega Millions on their official website.