Unacceptable acts of organized crime


The Laval Police Service (SPL), in collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is mobilizing to ensure an increased presence on the territory of Laval in response to events last Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel. During this violent event, several shots were fired as hundreds of people were present, including children. Many of them in the presence of an active shooter were greatly affected by this event.

For the director of the SPL, Pierre Brochet, these events are unacceptable. “We will not hesitate to double our efforts to maintain, at all costs, the safety of citizens,” he says, adding “that an individual has fired several times inside the hotel without worrying about repercussions. It is unacceptable !”

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The director quickly put in place the Project Repercussion, which involves specialized police officers dedicated to the fight against organized crime in Laval, the SQ and the RCMP. Police officers, mostly in uniform and from different teams, including the Equinoxe (Laval) group, the Organized Crime Intervention Division (SQ) and intelligence units, began visibility operations last week. Together, members of this project will be ubiquitous in places frequented by organized crime individuals, including bars, restaurants and licensed institutions.

The police will ensure, in particular:

– A sustained presence on the ground to prevent acts of violence at times deemed appropriate.

– Interventions to suppress any action or phenomenon of violence (possession of weapons, intimidation, etc.).

-Surveillance and the collection of information related to the organized crime community.

If necessary, investigations targeting violence will be put forward.

An important component of the SPL’s plan to fight violence and organized crime, the Équinoxe team’s specific mandate is to provide operational support for intervention, visibility and the collection of information related to organized crime. It will be called to act on the criminal phenomena of violence, drugs, pimping, weapons, fraud and smuggling.

Anyone with information about this event may contact 450 662-INFO (4636) in confidence.