In a recent post to the private Facebook Group “West Island Community”, an Ultramar customer asked if anyone had experienced trouble with their cars after filling up at the gas station located on the corner of Commercial and Gouin in Roxboro. She stated that her car didn’t start the next day and, after being towed, found out that her tank was mixed with both gas and water.

Giuseppe, Luigi and Ottavio, Romanelli, three brothers who came to Canada in their youth from Sala Consilina in the region of Campania, Italy, opened the Ultramar gas station in 1971. In the past month, the brothers experienced an isolated issue with one of the tanks supplying gas. During a routine inspection, a problem was detected with the supply of regular-grade gasoline.

According to the son, Ultramar was quick to react and checked the repair and cleared the gas for sale. Within a day or so of the repair, the brothers got a call from a client having issues. They immediately stopped selling their regular-grade gas.

“My father and my uncles immediately stopped selling regular gas and offered their clients supreme grade at the cost of regular,” said one of the sons, who preferred to remain anonymous. “Our family has been operating for almost 50 years, and we take immense pride in our work. We value our customers. Whoever has issues with their gas is welcome to come in, and we will help you deal with it.”

Ultramar is once again on the scene helping the franchisees correct the issue.

“Ultramar has been phenomenal throughout this process. Things happen, and they are taking care of the situation. We are speaking with Ultramar, and they are very engaged with us. We expect this to be sorted out as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience people have experienced.”



  1. I also have been effected by this and have a $700 garage bill to prove it, Who do I call to get reimbursed?
    Thank you


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