Ukrainian President Urges Global Unity Against Rising Russian Aggression at UN Assembly


In a fervent plea to the United Nations General Assembly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared, “Evil cannot be trusted,” rallying for global unity against the waging Russian aggression on his country.

Mr. Zelensky addressed the assembly in New York, warning against the impending threat of a nuclear-armed Moscow, whom he said was relentlessly pushing the world towards a catastrophic conflict.

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The Ukrainian leader accused Russia of employing everything in its arsenal, from food to energy, as weapons. Moscow’s comprehensive invasion has ignited widespread international criticisms and condemnations. Zelensky’s oration drove home the danger Russia poses globally, arguing that issues such as climate change could only be properly dealt with after Moscow’s aggression has been suppressed.

“As Russia pushes the world towards the brink of war, Ukraine is striving to ensure that post Russian aggression, there will be no audacious attempts of attack on any nations,” stated Mr. Zelensky, addressing influential world leaders at the annual general assembly.

Highlighting the issue of nuclear armament, he insisted that Russia has no legitimate authority to hold nuclear weapons. He passionately appealed: “The weaponization must be restrained. War crimes must be punished. The displaced must return home, and the invaders must retreat to their own land. United, we can achieve this, and we are determined to do so!”

Mr. Zelensky accused Russia of escalating to horrifying extents of abducting children, terming it as ‘genocide’. There have been previous instances when the International Criminal Court (ICC) had to issue an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin over the alleged illicit deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.

Despite Moscow’s incessant denials of Ukraine’s accusations, mounting evidence from international experts and organizations heavily indicates Russia’s involvement in war crimes in Ukraine.

President Zelensky, significantly aware of his global platform, warned against the occurrence of any secretive and unfair settlements aimed at ending the ongoing war – the largest in Europe since the Second World War. He cautioned the international community that the outcome of the ongoing conflict would have far-reaching impacts.

Russia’s primary goal, according to Zelensky, was to mold Ukraine into a weapon against the rules-based international order. The peace formula he suggested represented not only Ukraine but the entire world community.

This clarion call was directed especially at countries, including Brazil and India, that have refrained from taking positions and have maintained economic ties with the Kremlin.

Earlier, President Zelensky lauded US President Joe Biden’s warnings of severe ramifications if Russia’s unabated aggression wasn’t halted. However, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a staunch Moscow ally, retorted by accusing the United States of stoking the violent flames in Ukraine to weaken European nations.